Q: After i complete the application process, how will i be informed of approval?

A: You will receive a call, sms or electronic mail informing you of successful application, thereafter, we will arrange a time and date for you to head to our office to complete the neccessary short paperwork and receive your cash loan.

Q: I work till late hours, i may not be able to make it down to do the loan application, is there a solution?

A: Yes, simply call any of our consultants and let them know your preferable meeting time and we will make exceptional arrangements for you.

Q: My loan was rejected. What is the reason?

A: Power Credit does an internal audit and has the right to disapprove loans without disclosure.

Q: If i have less than perfect credit ratings, will i be eligible for a loan?

A: Yes, even with poor credit ratings, there is still a chance for loan approval, approach us today!

Q: Currently i possess 1 loan with Power Credit, am i allowed to take an additional loan?

A: We abide by Singapore’s money lender act, therefore you are eligible provided your existing loan meets some of the neccessary prerequisites, contact us to speak to us about this and we will gladly help you!

Q: When the time comes to repay my loan, what are the most convenient modes of payment?

A: You may make payment via Cash at our office, apply for GIRO deductions or do a fund transfer to our allocated accounts that we will provide to you.